Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Channel 5 News 12-9-08

Channel 5 ran a story on the development in the Gateway Quarter on Tuesday night's 11 o'clock news. Check out the video here.

Gateway Quarter Rising, Pushing Out Criminal Element
New Development Succeeding Despite Crime Problems
Eric FlackReporter

CINCINNATI -- The push of new business into Cincinnati’s Over-The-Rhine neighborhood seems to be having a deleterious effect on crime.

Developers said that the community is one of the fastest-growing in the state of Ohio.
But with each new store and block of condominiums comes a challenge for police to keep the neighborhood safe.

Store owner Fred Arrowood said that he knew the going might be tough when he opened his new urban furniture store in the Gateway Quarter two weeks ago.

He said that to the south of his location, customers see the new stores and condos that represent the community’s future, but to the north they see reminders of a checkered past.

"They're sort of looking to see how far they can go up the street,” Arrowood said.

But the redevelopment continues to buck the odds, shaking off a recession and some criminal neighbors to become a hot market.

Despite problems in the credit market, real estate agents said they're selling at least a condo a week. Seven new buildings are set to open next year.

Monthly meetings with neighbors keep police informed and residents feeling safe.

Devan Johnson, who moved his hair salon to the neighborhood three months ago, has already noticed less drug dealers.

"You get people getting pushed out and moved to a different location, you have to change your mind set I guess,” Johnson said.

Developers said they’re winning despite the recession as well. Store owners said they haven’t seen a significant drop in business.

Experts said that could be due to an influx of young professionals who are moving downtown to work with companies such as Procter & Gamble.

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