Monday, August 3, 2009

"To create, one must first question everything." Eileen Gray

We love great design.  It's even better when we can afford it ourselves at a price that is not out of reach.  That's why we're excited to carry a reproduction of Eileen Gray's famous E-1027 table.  Gray (1878-1976) originally designed the piece as a bedside table at her villa in southern France.  Today it's scale and adjustable arm allow it the flexibility to be used for it's original purpose or in the living room as a small cocktail table or end table as we show it in our store.  

N.B.  In case you were wondering where the name E-1027 comes from - it is code for the names of Eileen Gray and here partner at the time Jean Badovici.  E is for Eileen.  10 is for J (which is the 10th letter of the alphabet).  2 is for B. 7 is for G.