Friday, August 29, 2008

Cincinnati Magazine's Top 25 Shops

Make sure you pick up a copy of the September issue of Cincinnati Magazine. Joseph Williams Home has been selected as one the best new 25 shops by their staff.

"Joseph Williams Home, 550 Reading Rd., Over-the-Rhine, (513) 721-3600,

When Contemporary Galleries closed earlier this year, downtowners lost one of the city’s foremost dealers of modern home accessories. Things were looking bleak until Fred Arrowood, a former accessories buyer for Furniture Fair and Thomasville, quietly opened Joseph Williams Home in January. The Reading Road space was gutted to look like the lofts its wares might someday occupy with cool blue walls and lots of brown. While the furniture collection could use a color infusion, Arrowood’s showroom has plenty of scrumptious accessories—a slew of bold mirrors in wood, copper, or steel frames that are reasonably priced for their size (ed. most under $199.99); steel-and-ceramic vases; and chrome floor and table lamps that harken back to a modish 1970s design ethos. And the chairs—with beautiful modern shapes and lines—save this shop from sitting down on the home design job. Standouts include the Owen in Jersey Pearl leather ($699.99), the Stylus Erin ($749.99), and the Best Mariko club chair ($499.99). If you’re looking for accessories and/or accents to finish the room, JWH just might have your last detail. • Kathy Y. Wilson "

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Area Rugs

One easy way to add color, texture and personality to a room is through an area rug.  Rugs can help tie a color scheme in a room to compliment pillows, artwork, furniture, bedding, window treatments, and accessories.  Whether you opt for a retro shag carpet or a hand tufted wool rug, with today's new technology, the options are countless.  Rugs are also an easy way to help define a room's space, especially in urban loft living.  Find a rug that speaks to you, and add a touch of your personality to your home.  

You can browse Sphinx online by color, style, or collection. All come in multiple sizes and some are available in round.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Who is Joseph Williams Home?

When creating a brand new company, one of the toughest decisions is deciding upon a name. It's great if you want to use your own personal name, and it just happens to roll off the tongue (Mitchell Gold).  It's also nice if its easy to remember. You have to think in the long term as well.  Most company's originally choose a name that describes their product or service. Unfortunately, that may change over time. Take Pottery Barn for example; today very little pottery and certainly no barn. 

We decided to combine the two ideas. We took my middle name (Joseph) and my partner's first name (William). We liked the sound of this new name, since it is fairly common, thus easy to remember. We also liked the idea that there are numerous successful companies that share this name. So in a sense we were borrowing the recognition. We added Home,  to let the customer know that our product is for the home, and it sounds warm and inviting.