Sunday, August 3, 2008

Who is Joseph Williams Home?

When creating a brand new company, one of the toughest decisions is deciding upon a name. It's great if you want to use your own personal name, and it just happens to roll off the tongue (Mitchell Gold).  It's also nice if its easy to remember. You have to think in the long term as well.  Most company's originally choose a name that describes their product or service. Unfortunately, that may change over time. Take Pottery Barn for example; today very little pottery and certainly no barn. 

We decided to combine the two ideas. We took my middle name (Joseph) and my partner's first name (William). We liked the sound of this new name, since it is fairly common, thus easy to remember. We also liked the idea that there are numerous successful companies that share this name. So in a sense we were borrowing the recognition. We added Home,  to let the customer know that our product is for the home, and it sounds warm and inviting. 


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