Saturday, September 13, 2008

Purses in the Cincinnati Enquirer

We were plugged in yesterday's arts & entertainment section (Friday September 12, 2008)  of the Enquirer by Joy Kraft.  

"Purses of all sizes, shapes and colors popped up on a recent afternoon of shopping.  From what we saw, there's no reason to be carrying anything with someone else's logo or monogram.  There's something for everyone. "

"We stopped in Joseph Williams Home to check out Fred Arrowood's contemporary and casual furniture and accessories and found these Joy Oy purses.  Made to tie the color and beauty of Joy Oy's native Vietnam to the world of fashion, they include catchy graphics and glittery trims and native materials, including bamboo, that call to mind French colonial charm and influences.  $9.99- $22."

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